The company provides a wide ranging service covering all aspects of golf course development whether for new courses, existing courses, planning applications or expert witness consultations.



Shanghai masterplanFor new courses our services include:-


Feasibility studies – assessing viability, costs, market

    • Applying for planning permissions
    • Surveying the site
    • Preparing detailed plans for construction
    • Preparing specifications and bills of quantities
    • Preparing contract and tender documents
    • Supervising the contract
    • Advising on maintenance, staffing and equipment
    • Measuring the course


For existing courses our services include:-


    • An overall review of the course to assess its playing characteristics
    • A detailed study of the course and a hole by hole assessment
    • Recommendations for improvement:- 
    • Development of the principles established in the review often take up to ten years to be completed. Once agreement has been reached as to which proposals to implement the following services may be required:-
    • – a detailed land survey of each area to be redesigned
    • – preparation of detailed plans.