Frilford Heath G.C.

Frilford Heath Golf Club

Blue Course, Oxford  – The original courses at the Club were named as the Red and Green courses and designed by J.H. Taylor ( Red Course) and C.K. Cotton  ( Green Course) but in the 1990’s  it was felt that  a new course was required to relieve the pressures on the two existing courses. The site chosen was  170 acres of former farmland bordering the Red Course which also  meant the redesign of four of the holes on the Red course to ensure two starting and finishing holes on the Blue Course back to the clubhouse.. The soil is very sandy ( as the term “heath” implies)  and whilst some 80,000 m3 of material was formed to create the course, nevertheless there is a degree of naturalness about the course which both blends well with the existing course(s) whilst at the same time establishing the Blue Course with its own identity.


The course now measures over 6900 yds and is used as a frequent venue for Europro Tour events as well as co – hosting the English Amateur Open in 2013, along with the Red Course. The course was built by J.Greasley Ltd.